Trading Services

Your local livestock feed specialists

Here at Wirrinourt Transport and Trading, we’ve recently added trading services to our repertoire. It gives us great pleasure to introduce these services to our customers, because it’s another way we can deliver value to the agricultural sector in South Western Victoria. With a variety of feed options available at great prices, you can count on us to deliver when you need it the most.

We love building long-term relationships with our clients, providing you with confidence that you’re getting quality feed every time.

A huge range of products

Wirrinourt Transport and Trading is able to source a large number of feed solutions for your livestock needs. Our extensive database of products means we can often provide a multitude of feed options to meet individual requirements. Popular items include pellets, cost-effective dried distiller grains, cereal straw, all types of hay, almond hulls and any other bulk stock feed that may be required.

We keep our prices affordable, and we can easily price feed based on the least cost per unit of energy delivered to the end user.

Clearly defined quality

We take a definitive ‘no surprises’ approach to the supply of livestock feed. That means we deliver the very best quality feed every time, so there are no surprises when you receive your stock. All hay is sampled by Josh personally, and tested for dry matter, protein, fibre, energy and digestibility. He also physically tests all hay purchased through Wirrinourt Transport and Trading, so that an accurate description can be given to every customer, every time. We specialise in clearly defined products, leaving no surprises at your end.

Value for money

It’s always our goal to provide our customers with the feed they need at the right price. We believe our customers deserve value for money, and that doesn’t just mean cheap prices. While we keep our prices competitive, we deliver exceptional value in other ways. Out stringent quality testing protocols ensure our customers never have to worry about feed quality. Simply feed your livestock with quality products and get on with running your business.

Best of all, if you want to take advantage of some great deals, you can contact Josh at Wirrinourt Transport and Trading to join the customer mailing list. That way you’ll never miss out on the latest specials and other market updates.

Servicing South Western Victoria

Our business is located in South Western Victoria, and we source and sell hay and other livestock feed to a range of customers, including those in:

  • Wimmera
  • Mallee
  • Western Districts
  • North East Victoria
  • Northern Victoria
  • Gippsland and East Gippsland
  • Riverina

We love being part of the local community, and we’re here to help others in the agricultural sector achieve the very best results. For the best livestock feed at affordable prices, look no further than Wirrinourt Transport and Trading.